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I believe the gates do stop people from bringing that down onto the platforms. People also aren't going to pay to loiter on the platforms. It will make it so people using the transit, actually are there to use it. Of course there will still be crime, people littering, etc. but I would say this definitely would reduce it.

I know SEPTA likes to do a million pilot programs and not actually follow through but I think just comparing one station to with these to the rest would show their use. Of course this all assumes SEPTA decides to implement something properly.


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I think at some stations that actually is the correct stat, that only 50% pay. I can use 34th as an example, I do go to Drexel but always pay but definitely when going out at night, I don't think anyone else bothers to pay.

There is no SEPTA attendant and no real encouragement to pay, just out of good faith.

Also yeah everyday I leave city hall, someone comes in behind me on the handicap one haha.


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mainly I was just saying definitely more than 2.8k people hop each year (probably far more than 11,200 do), wasn't really commenting on the need.

however, I do think it is worth the investment. would certainly provide safer and cleaner platforms, which is a big reason why ridership is down. so factoring in more people actually paying (who knows how many people actually do hop, I would assume it is very high) and an increase in ridership, then you can maybe pay off the investment in a decade (which for infrastructure upgrades that is pretty decent). of course you would have to factor in yearly maintenance, but overall I do think these improved gates do a whole lot more than making sure people pay. I bet way more people would ride the subway if it was safer. No reason I should feel on edge at 3pm on a Thursday... or be walking past a pool of blood, etc. (yes that has happened).

I just hope that city also takes more time to address homelessness because it shouldn't be on SEPTA to be the only location where they can have any kind of shelter, and if the gates are improved and the housing/shelter need isn't met then we are in full a ton more issues.


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Yeah the way it works is kinda pointless.

If I could scan my key to pay, why can’t I just scan a QR for it to work as well? I have the beta and for someone that takes MFL daily it just is a hassle.

A lot more extra steps to scan than just using my keycard. And since it’s a beta I can’t count on it to work so I bring my loaded keycard anyways but then newsflash can’t use those funds to get through with the app so now I’m just dumping more money in.