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Try cutting a lime into wedges and leaving it covered in salt in a jar on the counter for a week, it takes out the most bitter elements and you can rinse off the salt and eat them like an orange.


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I only recently learned that cider was America’s drink before the temperance movement, but because Germans tended to be less into teetotalerism than Anglos, beer survived but cider didn’t, until recently. I love cider.


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It’s really easy, basically a crema catalana in a pie crust, but you slice 2 bitter oranges, half of a lemon and half of a sweet orange into half rounds and lay them in layers at the bottom before you pour the custard in. Highly recommend!


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I think the pie originated there. I remember reading a story that some lady saw fishermen in Key West take condensed milk and limes and put them on bread for lunch and decided to make that, but most recipe origins are mythological.


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That’s why Johnny Appleseed was so important, the fact that he threw appleseeds all over an insane amount of land that created an amazing diversity of apple varietals. The vast majority of them were probably disgusting but 1/8 of a percent of 1m is still 12.5k.


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Np, the original citrus is the citron and that’s what became everything else. Citron is still grown a lot because it’s a large part of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot but it’s not nice to eat, I think if it were fermented out in salt like how I do with lemons or put in a fruitcake it would be good though.


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Yes all citrus fruits aside from the citron are hybrids but sweet oranges, bitter oranges, Persian limes, grapefruits are very recent creations from two domesticated species, the Key lime was just what limes were for a very long time. It’s arbitrary but if you find a recipe from the Romans or medieval Baghdad or wherever that calls for limes, they mean Key limes.


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Citrus is really interesting, oranges are also a hybrid between a mandarin and a pomelo, grapefruits are a hybrid of those hybrid oranges and a certain kind of pomelo that developed in the Caribbean and my favorite bitter Seville oranges are the same kind of hybrid but with a different kind of pomelo, and lemons, pomelo, mandarins, key limes and all citrus fruits that aren’t taxonomic hybrids are actually hybrids of the citron and different unknown fruits.

I bought key limes to make a pie this past summer and found that I like them better than “regular” limes, they’re very bitter but in a much more pleasant way than lemons or “regular limes” and even though they’re half the size you get double the amount of juice. Same thing with quinces which are one of the ancestors of the apple, I get pies that are less goopy and sickeningly sweet if I use quinces and honey rather than regular apples.