evert198201 t1_iqq8o4m wrote

In Nov. I will be paying 2.80 EUR per cubic meter (variable contract), in comparision, my GF pays 0,70 EUR because back in 2020 she took a 4 year contract for fixed prices. Electric is 3x higher also. I am paying around 0,70EUR kwh. I am lucky, my appartment is from 2017, very well isolated, etc. also I will not have a problem paying the bills with even higher prices but I really can imagine a lot of people will get into trouble as soon as winter kicks in.

just a small reminder: keep in mind that here in the west we have a huge social safety net, I don't think people will die/suffer/homeless, it's more like people will be keeping themself warm indoors with extra clothing and will have less money left to spend on other things. Even the people who will end up getting into debts will not just lose their house and die under a bridge in the freezing colds ..