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I was curious on Fox as I had never looked them up to see who they were. From the school's website William Fox was the first superintendent of RPS and a staunch supporter of free public education for all children.

The school is historic for notable architecture and notable architect, [Charles Robinson](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_M.Robinson(architect)).

Eta: https://richmondmagazine.com/home/latest/charles-robinson-branch-museum/


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Yeah there's probably at least one show on a streaming service that I don't have currently that I am interested in watching.... eventually ha. Perhaps I need to start rotating streaming services.


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Yeah when I said "I" I really meant we as my spouse pays for Netflix and I pay for Disney+. I looked it up to satisfy my curiosity and the average I found is 4 subscriptions.

I believe I saw that Netflix is about to crack down on password sharing. I don't know about other streaming services password sharing leniency but I wonder how that will impact average subscriptions.


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Talk about favorite shows always makes me curious, how many streaming services does everyone have? I'm at 4 with Netflix and the Disney+ bundle (well 3 if you consider how often I use ESPN+ ha).


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I think about Emmitt Till various times throughout the year. Angers and saddened me every time. I haven't watched Till yet but hearing about the movie a few years ago made me realize how little I knew about Mamie Till-Mobley at the time. From the open casket to becoming an activist after having her child stolen from her.

I'll have to watch the movie sometime even though it will likely piss me off.


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To your point I feel like that has been a recentlyish development (post George Floyd protest). Prior to that I would say generally there was a positive to neutral view of the RVA police force.

But perhaps the unimpressed view was always there and the protests brought that view to the surface.