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Not to mention, and I'm speculating bathed in ignorance here, you don't ever have one bat. If a bat colony is hosting a particular virus, and 50% of the colony are so affected by disease that they can't function well enough to infect you, that still leaves a lot of bats that presumably have been exposed and carry the infectious agent and are function well enough to get you sick, too.


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They didn't (and don't) just dig randomly. You're more likely to find water at a lower spot on the terrain than a higher spot. The type and amount of growth is a tipoff, too. Plants like blackberries love water and are a good indicator of an available source, for example.


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I live in Central Oregon. As it happens someone has been laying thousands of miles of conduit which I have been told is for fiber, though I haven't been able to discover by whom or if there is any "last mile" plan.

Writing this out loud makes me feel kinda silly wrt my original comment. We've just been burned by big telcos on this subject for a long time.