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People who say shit like “accidentally”, acting like there’s some sort of conspiracy, are fucking morons who have no idea how janky the systems at utilities are, or how incompetent their employees are.

This is a good old fashioned cock-up. To be malicious or sinister simply doesn’t make sense because they won’t keep the money and it just costs them money to fix. Stop assuming stupid shit because it feeds a narrative you’ve bought into.


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People seem to forget how many really great colleges are in this state, and the sheer volume of people who get educations here - not all of them stick around, but there are an awful lot of folks with advanced degrees doing cool shit. You mix our strong industrial history with the ability to train people to innovate the heck out of those industries and you get a lot of good jobs.


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Your biases against Pennsylvania are fucking stupid. New York (state) has just as many inbred hick, backwater bullshit towns as Pennsylvania. In fact, there are more of them - because they get snowed in every year and you lose access to civilization.

NYC and Philly are pretty comparable - both big cities with the pros and cons of big cities.

Outside of there, it's a crap shoot - like literally every other state. Some places fucking suck, some places are amazing - like literally every other state.


If all you think of when you picture Pennsylvania is Centralia and meth trailers, you're being fed a bunch of bullshit.