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Ben Howard: I Forget Where We Were, End Of The Affair, Conrad, Small Things

Damien Rice: Volcano, 9 Crimes, Rootless Tree, Blower's Daughter

Bat For Lashes: Laura, All Your Gold, Oh Yeah

Give those a try. Based on your response, I can tailor further and recommend similar or heavier or poppier or whatever.


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I started smoking when I was 15yrs old. The thought of, "NEVER SMOKING AGAIN" was too much for me after having smoked for nearly 20yrs. Instead, I told myself that I am never going to BUY another pack of cigarettes. Then I told everyone that I knew, not to give me a cigarette no matter what I said or how many times I asked. It then became incredibly hard to get a cigarette, which made me have to occupy myself when a craving came along. In reality, it was tough for about a week. Then it was just a matter of discipline because the physical craving was gone and now it is just sticking to my guns and not giving in. I had tried two times previously to quit smoking, and both times started again because I told myself, "I'll just have one" - well, you can guess how well that plan worked. Turns out, I can't even have one because my susceptibility to addiction is just that strong. I learned through trial and error what the right combination was for me to finally stop. I can tell you now, being on the other side of having quit for 12yrs, that your brain will play craaaaazy tricks on you to try to keep smoking while you're addicted. Once you are no longer physically addicted, everything changes. The smell grosses you out, you notice your fingers were turning yellow, you have SO much more air in your lungs, you feel way better in general, you stop waking up every morning and coughing junk out of your lungs, you realize how insane it is to pay $7+ for a pack of cigarettes every day, the list is endless. No smoker ever wants to hear this, but I promise it is true......everything is better once you stop. Everything.


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OH! super easy fix. When you make the first loop, take the other lace and loop it TWICE instead of just once. Your shoelaces will never come untied again. I played baseball for years and my laces would come undone and my coach showed me this method. It has worked for me for 35+ years since I learned and I use it for everything.....sweatpants, shoes, hoodies, anything with laces. Good luck!


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Oh. Right! I forgot that was a huge factor as well. I agree with you. In fact, I got it so early after the release that the in-screen fingerprint scanner was buggy and Google had to release a fix. In all honesty, though.....I would deal with the scanner in the screen if they would get rid of the humpback. : (


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I had the original Pixel, the 3a XL, and now the 5a.....I had the 6 Pro for a week after the 3a XL but sold it to go back a generation to the 5a because of the camera bar along the back. I absolutely hate that bulky nonsense and I believe this current 5a will, sadly, be my last Pixel. Great, great, great phones but the physical design has moved in a direction that I can't be comfortable with.