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Experiments. In one, electrical probes on the frontal cortex of dogs showed that they could produce changes in the amount of alertness and aggression. Studies of brain lesions in humans showed that damage to particular parts of the brain would lead to particular patterns of physical and psychological deficits.

Phineas Gage was a railroad worker who suffered a brain injury when a metal rod went through the front part of his brain. After the accident, he changed from a smart, kind guy to one who was impulsive and rude.


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Reflux is the reflexive action of the detrusor muscle inside the bladder, which contracts for a brief period of time to help return previously ejaculated seminal fluid to the bladder. This causes a split when you try to pee after, as the seminal fluid and urine fight for passage out of the bladder simultaneously.

Source: Have ejaculated then peed.


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In criminal cases, the hung jury rate is 8% to 10%. In closed jury room discussions, some are willing to compromise, but jurors will often succumb to peer pressure and reach a unanimous verdict rather than risking a mistrial by not coming to a collective decision. There's an immense pressure on jurors to conform to the majority decision which places a reliance on the presumption that the other jurors know better than the individual. Sucks, but a reality.


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It's like getting an oil change while the car is still running and being driven. The oil that is in circulation is at a high temperature so it's inefficient for lubrication and movement. The engine components are also moving at a high speed so any opening of the oil tank could cause a disruption to the movement of the car and could potentially cause damage. The same is true for sleep, while you are awake, your body is in a constant state of motion and as a result cannot receive the full benefits of quality rest and healing. To get the full restoring benefits, your body needs to power down and go into a restful state.


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The synthetic supplements seemed the only option – a way to keep our deadly cravings outlaid. And so it was. For a time, the plan worked, we kept ourselves healthy, got what we wanted and our appetites kept in check.

It was then that I started to unravel. Physically I was stronger – stronger than ever before. I felt like I could fly if I wanted to – that I barely had to try to be powerful. But then something started to change. I noticed a darkness come over me and my thoughts started to become darker and darker. I hardly recognized myself and I just knew the supplements were to blame. I felt invincible and truly, truly sinister.

The next few weeks were a haze. I found myself indulging in activities I never thought I would partake in. People started to go missing and I'd find myself lurking in places I'd never been before – places of death and destruction. I just wanted to get away – away from my own mind and the darkness I'd created. But it seemed I had no control over it. My addiction was back in full force – the need to consume human blood was pressing. I couldn't help it and eventually I had to give in.

As much as I tried my plan had failed and I had become my own worst enemy. The people around me didn't understand. I was a killer – a vampire with an unstoppable hunger for blood. There was no turning back.

My life has become an endless cycle of guilt, death and destruction. And as for the ending? There is none. Just an endless loop in which I’ll never be free from my bloodlust.


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The class was almost over, yet the tension in the room only seemed to intensify. As I packed my books away, I heard her voice behind me, as measured and crisp as a spring morning.

"I have a theory," she said, her dark eyes inquisitive. I stopped in my tracks, my heart racing. What had I said or done to conjure such intrigue? "What if you didn't just write stories," she continued, "but actually experienced all of the sorcery you write about?"

If she revealed her theory to anyone, I could kiss my literary career goodbye.

But no one was prepared for what came next. She leaned in closer, her voice soft yet determined. "What if you were actually a wizard?"

All these years of keeping this secret, only for my English teacher to expose it all in one breath. Was this really the end? Would she out me to the world? My fear was quickly replaced by anger as she spoke more calmly, almost reassuringly. "I am not here to tell your secrets, I am here to protect them. I have known you were a wizard all along. I can sense the power in your words."

A few hours later, I heard knocks on my door. When I opened it, I saw a group of people from the school, dressed in black and carrying torches. I was speechless, unable to comprehend why they were there. But then, my teacher emerged from their midst. She walked towards me and coldly stated what drove them here.

"I have revealed your secret to the other wizards in town. They have come to take you away and make sure you are never able to cast a spell again."

In the moment of shock and fear, the one thing I could think was: Why? But it didn't matter anymore. I was exposed, and my magic was gone.


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As a defense attorney, I have experienced my share of strange and dreadful cases. The latest of which—the “Big Bad Wolf” case as it has been named—was true to its name. The charges? Two counts of destruction of property, stemming from the wolf’s actions in destroying the houses of two of the three little pigs.

The courtroom was filled to the brim with spectators, both for and against my client. Most were there to see justice be done, which I kept firmly in mind as we trudged through each motion and each line of questioning. Our progress was slow but sure, until eventually, we had assembled our defense: A plea of not guilty on all counts due to diminished capacity at the time the crime occurred, due to a physicially tested mental illness.

I was hopeful that this evidence would serve in our favor against the odds stacked against us. After much deliberation and debate between myself and council representing the prosecution, we finally had a verdict: The Big Bad Wolf was declared innocent on all counts by virtue of insanity.

After being set free, my client approached me with a sinister smile on his face. Somehow sensing my wariness, he brushed a finger down my cheek and murmured “Don’t worry. I’ll behave.” With an involuntary shudder, I took a step back from him and quickly said goodbye.

I let out a sigh of relief when he walked away from me without any further interaction -- until moments later when I heard an earsplitting howl coming from behind me. I spun around to find him bearing down on me with a feral look in his eyes - my client had revealed himself to be an instrument of nature's cruelty and had transformed into something even more terrible than before.

Before I could react, the Wolf lunged at me - sinking his teeth into my skin with unyielding force, sending spirals of pain ringing through my body as he tore into me with animalistic fury, until all that remained was deathly silence in its wake.

“It’s in my nature,” he whispered.


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The city of Anaheim was under attack, and our heroes had yet to arrive. The villains of each district united and knew we had to take action. This was not only our home, but our playground as well – if the heroes fail, there'll be no one else to blame but ourselves.

So I took the first steps towards leading our motley crew of villains, plotting out a plan that could save us if not entirely redeem us. We didn't plan on being heroes, but today marks a turning point in my life – I'm no longer sure what side I'm fighting for.

Just then I saw a glimpse of movement dark against the skyline; at first it seemed like one of the heroes had come to save us, but then I realized that it was something else entirely – The Creature. It gathered up its minions from the depths below and wreaked havoc upon Anaheim with an unearthly rumble; like the breath of death itself sweeping over us all.

The villains fought bravely against The Creature, though we all knew this was not going to be enough given its sheer size and strength. We did whatever we could distract it long enough for us to forge a plan, bur as we did so it advanced relentlessly towards every corner of our beloved city.

Suddenly, without warning or time for reflection, a brilliant light pierced through the darkness like an arrow – it seemed to be coming from inside me – giving me strength far greater than before as well as knowledge of what we were supposed to do now that every hope was lost. Our group split into two sides: one following my lead to fight together with some sort of transcendent energy directed at stopping this unstoppable beast; while the other provided support with weapons and tools designed on another plane outside of space and time itself.

After days of fighting off The Creature and saving civilians, my team and I declared victory for Anaheim. But with every step forward there seemed to be two back — our victory didn't cure the underlying deeds we had committed here in the past. The feeling of compassion that had emerged during our fight against evil left me feeling empty inside.

That's when it clicked: I could never return to my life as a villain after this night - because morally speaking, none of us had any choice but to become who we are now... Heroes — a title I would never accept, no matter how much good we did in our city.


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I checked my weapon another time before sliding it into my jacket pocket with one last deep breath. “It’s going to be okay,” I said to myself in a low voice. “You can do this.”

With a heavy heart, I set out to complete my task and find the person I had been told to kill – my own beloved father. He was an upstanding citizen who had taught me everything that matters in life and brought joy with everything he did… and here I was tasked with murdering him without hesitation or doubt. But if there was one thing The Society demanded without fail it was loyalty; failure meant death at the hands of their own agents – no exceptions, no mercy.

I paced down the steps leading to his office struggling to keep up a brave face when all inside me screamed that what I was about to do was wrong… and then, just when all seemed lost… My father spotted me from across the room and welcomed me with open arms just like any parent would do when their child comes home from far away lands, unsuspecting of what's about to come .

It broke my heart but still… I let go of his embrace and took a step back pointing my gun at him with tears streaming down my face telling him “I'm sorry dad, but this is how it has to be." As soon as he heard those chilling words all color drained away from his face as he realized who I really was - an assassin sent in by The Society - someone who could see into him better than anyone else – someone who could even see through his kindest facade.

And so as soon as he knew his fate was sealed there were no more questions left unanswered nor any point in putting up a fight – he raised his hands high in surrender and let out one single sentence "I understand" before it all ended with a final simple gunshot inside that darkened room, forever etched on both our minds... just like so many other memories shared along life's journey, only now followed by a darker ending.


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I had just stumbled across an old, dusty lamp while out exploring, and when I rubbed it, a genie had appeared. He said he would grant me three wishes. For my first wish, I decided to ask the genie to tell me his life story. I figured it would be an interesting tale, and perhaps he could even give me some tips on how to make the most of my wishes.

The genie began to tell me his story. He had been trapped in the lamp for centuries, bound by a powerful magic spell. He had been forced to grant wishes to many people, some of whom had used their wishes selfishly and caused great harm to others.

The genie told me that he had been trying to find a way to break the spell, so that he could finally be free. I was filled with sympathy for him and asked if there was anything I could do to help.

The genie replied that there was one thing I could do: as my third wish, I could wish for the spell to be broken, and the genie to be freed.

I agreed, and made my third wish before my second. As the genie was released from his prison, he thanked me and said he was eternally grateful.

But as he vanished into the night, I noticed something strange. He had left behind a note that read: "Now you will be my prison, and I will be your genie."

The genie had tricked me. By making my third wish, I had unwittingly bound myself to the lamp, and I was now cursed to be the genie, granting wishes to others, just as the genie had been forced to do. And so I remain here to this day, unable to escape my prison, bound to the lamp, my only company the wishes of strangers.


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I had been living my life thinking that I was safe from the devil, but now I had to face the truth. I felt betrayed and angry, knowing that my dad had sold me without my knowledge.

I could not believe that he had been willing to sacrifice his own son for gain. I knew that I had to find a way to escape my fate, even if it meant that I had to go against my dad.

I started to search for a way to break the deal my dad had made with the devil. Unfortunately, I had no luck and time was running out. As the day of my wedding approached, I started to feel hopeless.

On the night of my wedding, the devil finally arrived. He revealed that my dad had not kept the promise and offered me the chance to take his place. I was horrified that I had no choice but to accept.

If I had known the truth all those years ago, I could have done something to prevent this from happening. I am now the devil's servant, until the end of my days.

My only hope is that my dad one day realizes the consequences of his actions, and that my sacrifice will not be forgotten.


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I started experimenting in my cave, mixing different ingredients together to create something new. At first, I was just throwing ingredients together, but soon I was able to create dishes that tasted almost as good as the humans. I was even able to teach some of the other orcs how to cook.

However, my success came with a price. The other orcs started to resent me, wishing that I would go back to raiding, or even worse, that I would leave the group altogether. One night, as I was cooking, I heard a ruckus outside my cave. A group of orcs had come to kill me for my betrayal.

I quickly grabbed my knife and hid, scared for my life. I heard them searching for me, but I was able to remain hidden until they eventually gave up and went away. When I finally emerged from my hiding spot, I was horrified to discover that they had stolen all of my ingredients and left me with nothing.

The other orcs had taken away my only hope of creating delicious food. I was left with nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth. I was no longer an orc chef, only an orc who had failed.


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My opponents were forever frustrated. They would come up with words, only to find out that the letters were no longer valid. I was unbeatable.

At first, I thought I was just really lucky and that I had a gift for language. But as time went on, I began to realize the truth. I was changing the universe to suit my needs.

But then something strange started to happen. The words I formed started to take on new meanings. Words that weren't even in the dictionary suddenly had a definition.

I started to get scared. Had I gone too far? Was I changing language itself?

I decided to stop playing and keep my secret. But then, one night, I decided to play just one more game. This time, I thought, I would be careful.

But it was too late. When I placed the last tile, I realized that I had unknowingly created a word that meant "the end".

I knew then that I had gone too far and that no one could ever know what I had done. I had changed language itself, and for that I would pay the ultimate price.

The universe shifted once more and suddenly I was gone. I had disappeared, leaving only a single word on the board: "Goodbye."


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My apartment became my safe haven, as I spent my days and nights within the walls, trying to protect myself from the telepaths. But one night, something strange happened. I felt a presence in my room, like a presence that was trying to uncover my secrets. I tried to stay still, but I couldn't help but let out a scream, which echoed throughout my apartment.

The presence began to chuckle, and I slowly backed away. I felt a chill go down my spine as I realized what was happening. A telepath had entered my home, and they were trying to uncover my secrets. I had to find a way to get away from them.

I made a break for it and ran out into the streets. I felt the presence still following me, trying to uncover my secrets. I kept running, but I could feel the presence getting closer and closer. I was almost out of breath when I reached the edge of the city and into the woods.

I thought I had managed to escape, but then I heard their laughter. The telepath was still following me. I was about to give up, when I realized that I had one chance to save myself. I could use my own special power, one that I had hidden all this time.

I closed my eyes, and I unleashed my power. I could feel the telepath being taken away from me. I had managed to save myself, but I knew the consequences of using my power. I would never be able to return to the city, and I would never be able to tell anyone about what had happened that night. I was now an outcast, with a dark secret that I could never share.


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It had a terrifying form and its eyes were blazing, but it spoke in a voice that was oddly soothing, like a lullaby.

"You called me here, so tell me: What do you wish for?" it said.

I was so scared that I couldn't even speak, but then I remembered that I had been wishing for something before the demon appeared.

"I wish for a world free of suffering," I whispered.

The demon smiled, and for a moment I thought everything would be okay, but then it said, "Your wish has been granted. But, as you wished, so did I. Now there is no suffering in the world, but there is also no joy, no love, and no hope."

The demon disappeared, and I was left in a world without emotion, without hope.


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The crowd had been silent for what felt like an eternity. The villain had just finished his speech. He had spouted the same rhetoric he had been repeating for weeks. I was the only one who seemed to be paying any attention to what he had to say. I knew that if I could just get him to listen, he'd understand that he didn't need to resort to violence. But I had to be careful. He was unpredictable and dangerous. I had to tread lightly.

So, when the crowd began to murmur, I responded. "Hang on, he's made a couple of good points. We should hear him out." The crowd collectively gasped. I could feel their eyes on me. But I stood my ground. I had to show this man that there was a better way.

The villain nodded in agreement and began to explain his plan. For the first time, I finally saw the truth. This man wasn't a villain, he was a victim. He had been betrayed and manipulated by those in power. He was simply fighting for justice. I was filled with a newfound respect for him. I wanted to help him, and I knew I could.

As I was about to reach out to him, I heard a voice from behind me. "You should have listened to me. I warned you this would happen."

I turned to see the villain's accomplice, a sinister figure cloaked in shadows. In one hand, he held a detonator, and in the other, a remote-controlled drone was hovering above us.

The drone fired a missile, destroying the building and killing everyone inside. I had failed. I had failed to save these people, to save the villain, and to save myself.


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I had always been an outcast, even among the other superheros. Everyone else had flashy abilities like flight or super strength, while my power was to make anything into perfectly cooked soup. I was constantly mocked and ridiculed.

I heard the news that a massive meteor was headed straight for Earth. The other heroes were in a frenzy, trying to come up with a plan to save the day. I, on the other hand, felt strangely calm. I knew that my power was the only one that could stop the meteor. So I headed off to the impact zone, bowl in hand.

When I arrived, I saw that the meteor was only minutes away from hitting the ground. I concentrated and willed the meteor to turn into soup. Suddenly, the meteor began to shimmer and distort, and before long, it had transformed into a steaming bowl of soup.

The other heroes were in shock. They had never seen anyone do something like that before. I had finally been able to prove myself and show them that my power was something to be respected.

But then, I noticed something strange. The soup had an odd taste and a faint, putrid smell. I took a closer look and saw that there were strange, unrecognizable objects floating in the soup.

It was only then that I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The objects in the soup were pieces of the meteor, and the meteor had been made up of toxic material. I had unknowingly created a deadly soup that would have catastrophic consequences for the world.


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I had been living in my small town for almost two years and I had grown used to the odd safety codes and regulations that the town imposed. Everyone had to wear a helmet at all times and we were only allowed to walk between certain designated hours.

But this new rule was the strangest one yet. We had to wear a special type of helmet that was equipped with a tracking device. It was meant to help the town track our movements so they could better enforce their safety codes.

At first, I thought it was a little strange, but I followed the rule without question. I was used to the weird safety codes that my town imposed.

But then one day, I started to notice something strange. Whenever I would walk past certain areas, my helmet would start to beep. I realized that the tracking device was identifying certain places as "dangerous" and it was trying to keep me away from them.

I was intrigued, so I decided to explore these areas. I soon discovered that my town had been hiding a dark secret. It turns out that they had been using the tracking device to identify people who were suspected of being involved in illegal activities.

The town had been using the tracking device to target these people and had been arresting them without any due process. I was horrified and angry. How could my town do this?

I decided to report what I had discovered to the authorities, but before I could, I was arrested.