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Inadvertently made dinner plans on a blood donation day. I’m glad I ate lunch after donation and drank a ton of water. One drink with appetizers and dinner hit me like about 3-4 drinks. I bought an electrolyte drink on my way home and drank some more water before i went to bed. Wasn’t driving. If people are going to drink alcohol at all, after giving blood, leave the car at home. That glass of wine you may be able to tolerate with a full meal over several hours can make you drunk enough to be impaired


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I was able to get away with drinking the same day as donating blood in my younger days. I would just drink half of what I’d normally drink to compensate for decreased tolerance.

I gave blood recently (now in my 50s). I had one drink with an appetizer and dinner after having lunch and drinking a lot of water post blood donation. I was able to get home ok and bought an electrolyte drink on the way home. If I had a second alcoholic drink, I’m not sure I’d be able to get home ok. Going to have to plan dinners with friends on non blood donor days or get a mocktail instead. Place I went to had lavender lemonade. Will go for that next time.


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And it can be cool to tell people who are living in your head rent free for good reasons. I have a processing impairment which made most math extremely difficult. I was assigned a peer tutor in my class when I was 10 who was sweet, patient and tried to help me. After finding out about the impairment in my 40s, i saw her at a school reunion. I thanked her for her help and patience. She didn’t realize how much she helped me and it made her feel good to hear that from me.

And I was a pretty quiet and shy kid in high school, but I made another classmate laugh and have such a good time on a school trip she told her kids about it.


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Yes during the full time work from home, I was able to use some of the commute time to get more sleep. I didn’t have to deal with getting clothes ready or putting in makeup or fixing my hair beyond washing it. My anxiety and insomnia decreased

Now I’m up at 5am, out the door by 6am. I don’t get home until a little after 7pm. I usually get to bed between 9:30 and 10 pm. So I get less than 3 hours to unwind and eat dinner

At least I still have two work from home days