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Also going forward, when deciding on a future ride: get a truck/car that has autolocking features (doors that lock on their own after a certain time with no action). It won't lock if your keys are already inside too, so if its not locking, you forgot your keys!


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I do live somewhere less populated out on the Olympic peninsula, who's population has doubled since my family moved out here 25 years ago. Its insanely crowded compared to what it once was. So much of our scenic landscape is being torn down for sub divisions. Our one lane road highways were not meant to handle this much traffic, but I don't hear a peep from WSDOT about putting in additional lanes.


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We are so flipping full, its not gatekeeping. Its more like being a Target employee holding the buckling door closed before opening on black Friday, because its the only think keeping them from being crushed. Enjoy it being a beautiful place? Well, everyone moving here adds more suburbs and cuts down more nature.


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I know its more populated out east, but I would love to know if it feels crowded, or if cities are just closer together.


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Wa state comment: Up on the old olympic peninsula the cheer is very high, beautiful lights all over. Down south near Portland, Or along the columbia river, christmas decor gets stolen off your porch along with packages. Do NH folk have to worry about such things?


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Unpopular view but here goes: Libraries should not go into malls because they are renting that space from private corporate entities. Same for any public funded service, including food banks, charities city offices, gov, etc. I'd rather see cities buy land and build, or convert suitable buildings that can be fully owned.


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Living near the Columbia river can be such a mixed bag. Some spots lovely, some spots riddled with crime/ drug culture. Hope you found one of the good spots. Sort of looks like up near Tri-cities. Watch out for that Hanford☢️ glow, it all goes downstream.


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Reply to comment by D_CHill1 in fall in Leavenworth by [deleted]

Do you want the curse of leafpeepers? Just look at New England, they flaunted their foilage and now they have to deal with New Yorker and Boston cityfolk glamping every fall.