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i've searched for like two hours, couldn't find much but i did find a couple cool resources for you


https://www.7thfighter.com/historys/histories.htm this one has a ton of pdfs which are neat to look at.

http://www.tom.pilsch.com/aviation.html lots of info.

https://www.amazon.com/Straight-Level-Growing-up-40s/dp/0595261310 jack botts a guy from Nebraska who was in the 414th

http://www.ibiblio.org/cizewski/signalcorps/422nightfightersquadron/history.pdf 422th, don't know if its relevant but included it anyways


i've searched for names but couldn't find anything definite, obviously searching thru hours of pdfs is not easy and given record keeping in the 40s is not perfect but surprisingly a lot of things well kept. another name that i saw a lot was urban drew who flew in the 414th, might drum something up, but i think my eyes need a break.


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In all honesty, I usually do 90 percent of my car repairs myself. I will go to Valvoline for inspections cuz they are super quick. If they recommend any repairs, get the print out from them, walk into a mechanic and just be confident and ask to have just what is needed repaired. A lot of shops will see a person as dollar signs but if you learn some lingo of what needs to be repaired so they don't try to fuck you over. No the cabin air filter doesn't need to be replaced, same as the engine air filter, unless it's eaten to shit from mice. Get repaired exactly what needs to be repaired, nothing more.


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If you have something euro, vw, Audi, I recommend German autowerks. After going to another shop and saying my car needed 3000 dollars worth of work for a sticker, went there and they were like lol nope you just need this 50 dollar part and your good.