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Aero Leathers makes very durable (and pricey), jackets.

My suggestion is take a look at their trainee page, as it's all the quality material with minor defects in the finish at 50% off.


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Yeah that's just the DWR. Goretex itself typically refers to their proprietary laminated membrane, which come in many different qualities, price points, and overall waterproofness. I imagine for some of those, the DWR is more or less important than others.


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I do think it’s possible we will go underground, coupled with genetic engineering (of ourselves and our food sources). But most of the biosphere will be likely fucked.


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I’m not a defeatist, I’m a realist. Human nature is not suddenly going to change in the next 50 years lol, climate change is simply too vague for the human mind to consider the danger, our brains simply are not wired that way.