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They did this in my house, and it caused mold and rot. Moisture will get in regardless of the outside seal, and while the vapor barrier will keep moisture in the wall and out of your basement, it’ll also slowly rot away the framing stuck between the vapor barrier and the wall below grade. It took maybe 20 years, but all the framing where we found a vapor barrier was severely degraded, and framing where there was no barrier was in amazing shape.

If you’re happy to let it rot to have a little less moisture come in, it works, but the lifetime of the framing will be cut short.

I’d advise either sealing with foam directly against the concrete, or skip the moisture barrier. As long as it’s well air sealed, vapor will slowly escape, allowing everything to dry.


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If it was me I’d grab a piece of scrap 2x6 from the garage and screw down the plate to it. Then I could start with it oversized and shorten it as needed, and maybe replace it with something nicer of a similar size once I know it’ll work.

Seems like it’ll always be a bit wobbly given it’s height.


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This is the exterior door, I hope? You could remove the door and add more material to the bottom (wood). You could switch out the door with a larger one. You could add some trim below the door, but then that’ll be where people walk, and 20mm is probably too much unless you change the floor heights or add a ramp.

Any other pertinent details?