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I decided to give it a look after reading your comment. I know I responded to the other user though and thought I commented in r/NFL before you replied.

Did watch the first half, had condensed game in the morning.


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Chargers got 17 points off turnovers, from what I can tell, all in the first half. They outscored also the Jaguars 27-7 in the first half. The second half, different story, Jaguars score 24 points in the second half of the game, Chargers score 3 and miss a FG.

Why'd the Chargers lose? Abandoned the run. Herbert was 25/43. Probably should have mixed at least 10 more runs into the play calls. They had the lead for the majority of the game, 10 runs is about another 5 minutes of possession time, that could have put a lot of extra pressure on Jacksonville, but instead the clock stood still after a ton of incomplete passes.

Play calling is the issue, IMO.


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Reply to Weather by mrszent

Snow tires or new car with AWD if you plan on driving into New Hampshire during the winter.

Plows do a good job, but roads can still be a mess, especially if the snow lasts throughout the day with a decent intensity. Definitely be ready for a mess.