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To the uninitiated, if you like this kind of thing you can buy wonton wrappers at the store and put literally any kind of food that you like inside and it will generally turn out pretty good. Just put the filling in, paint the edges with some egg so that when you roll it it will seal, and you're good to fry em.

Can also lightly cornstarch or flour the outsides if you're going to pack a lot of them into a bag or something so they don't stick together, but just an optional thing


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I agree. The best world cup in my eyes is the same # of teams (or so) but a loser's bracket for the bracket stage. The lower scoring the sport is, the more flukey results you get when it comes to a single game. One lucky bounce, one guy slipping on some bad turf at the wrong time, etc. etc. can mean the worse team wins a best of 1. If we're truly interested in having the best team in the world win, we need to reduce the effects of flukiness like that.


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Has nothing to do with it. You could be as green as humanly possible and the poorer countries will still use coal because they're trying to catch up and green just isn't feasible in those countries for the most part. Or at least not on any grand scale. So coal usage will continue on until green becomes VERY affordable


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Hopefully has some bite/crunch to it (but not a ton), some places I know like to do soft French toast and that's so weird to me. I remember recipes saying to leave your bread out overnight (same as croutons) for French toast. So clearly it's supposed to have a little resistance right? Or am I the crazy one


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Honestly my only issue with King is no fault of his own. I think he's a great author of course, but it's gotten ridiculous how the TV/film studios are with him. There's so many amazing stories out there by other authors that would make great adaptations but instead they choose some random deep cut that king wrote in 15 min when he was high a random day in 1977. Now some of his lesser known stuff is good, but come on now. Are we really turning down magnum opuses for king's b-sides? You'd think he was the only author has ever written anything, the way this has gone


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Basically. I have nothing against windmills per se, if people wanna build tons of em have at it. But they definitely are very inefficient, even their biggest supporters have to concede that. Even though solar is still very much a work in progress it's much, much better than wind.


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Really it's kinda common sense. You can't see as well in fog, or in any other high humidity situation (sauna, steamy shower, etc.) so even without knowing the actual science/formulas it's pretty easy to extrapolate that the less humid places will have more visibility (although not dissing the formulas at all, respect for knowing the exact science).


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Depends how small you're talking. Sometimes if you try to actively think about every little thing you're doing you end up being klutzy and would have done better on autopilot


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Normal trains are marginally safer than planes, at least for those riding them and not including bystanders on the tracks etc being lumped into the death stats. But it's a pointless debate either way you want to nitpick it; both are similarly safe


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Yeah it's such nonsense. Like no, not everyone is going to make it. Just do your best and see what happens. None of this "you WILL make it" nonsense, you don't know any of these people lol


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Ehh unless he's making a meal for them with those things still on his hands/body then it's not a big deal. You're talking the most trace of trace amounts that would be transferred through the air by being near him