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I can only speak to Facebook since that's what I have knowledge of, but I agree with the premise that user experience gets sacrificed to juice numbers. The market rewards growth, so that's what companies optimize for. When the growth doesn't happen, a company that still makes tens of billions of dollars in profit takes a huge stock price beating.

The people who work at the company are paid partly in stock, and that stock becomes 40-75% or more of their compensation at higher levels. Throw in an employee review process where increasing metric X by Y% can be called success and net you a nice multiplier of 25%-300% to your annual bonus and annual stock grant, and you can be damn sure the employees are focused on the stock price as well.

TBH, focus on AR and the Metaverse is one reason I have more respect for Zuckerberg. Current offerings are the equivalent of early tech demos and don't represent anything approaching a "final" result. This is a long range vision and will require many years of work for the hardware and software to even be remotely capable. This comes with a big hit to stock price, though.

Who knows if it'll be successful, but it's nice to see a company take a gamble on a long range vision, even if it's partly out of necessity due to the current market being tapped out.


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I lived in Beacon Hill with a baby and no car, and this was before getting things delivered was much less of a thing. Overall, it was totally fine. I generally walked everywhere anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. We did have to plan things a little better, just so we weren't dealing with that T at rush hour. Shopping usually meant going more often and getting less stuff if I had the stroller with me. Bigger stuff would have to be delivered or picked up with a ZipCar.

We "invested" in a Bugaboo stroller, and it was totally worth it despite the cost. It was super maneuverable and easy to push around. It also folded and unfolded quickly and easily, so getting around in places with stairs wasn't too bad.


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A generation or two ago, you'd be able to find French speakers in lots of places. I'm in my late 40's and my mom, my aunt, and grandparents on one side of the family are all fluent, but I'm the only one of my generation that even studied it, and I'm far from fluent.


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Based on my early days UO experience, I learned that in the Metaverse I'm going to spend hours of my day crafting wooden furniture to decorate the homes of other players with far more gold than me, only to get ganked in the woods by PKers.

I thought the Metaverse was supposed to be an escape from reality.


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When the pike extension was built, the nation's best and brightest came together to design Newton Corner. They studied long and hard, and put decades of collective experience together to come up with a design that dumps traffic from the highway and local roads into a half-mile circle of pavement with 216 street signs, 23 crosswalks, and 12 traffic lights.


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Reply to comment by IrelandDzair in Tim Cook in the area by musebug

The old man had the last laugh, though. While he distracted Keka, his nephew snuck in the back. He was discovered pretty quickly, so he only managed to steal some of the business.


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It's very easy. There's plenty of room for bags over the seats and at the end of the cars. The non-Acela takes a little longer because it stops more, but they're both good options.


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