fauxfox66 t1_jdorr4l wrote

Hey thanks for buying! My dad and my family make these, and we love seeing them reach a new audience! Hope you enjoyed!

This is an unofficial Fox Family statement, but: I've seen my Dad be asked this question (been asked it myself at food shows) and he always looks baffled and answers something like "why not?" So his grammar isn't top tier. He says he got his degree on the i95 (truck driver).

Also, he was having his daughter type this logo on a dial-up desktop computer using MS paint or something, as his eldest daughter had drawn the foxes, his youngest son had colored them, and it was so important to him that we all be involved. So she would type and lay it out. This was somewhere around 2000, maybe 1999.

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, okay? He wanted emphasis and the underline wasn't looking right so I used quotation marks. Trust me, they looked better than italics.

Now, branding styles have changed and this is dated, but heck, so are we all up here in the county, and we smile about it rather than cringe. And changing the entire logo, all the plates to do so are wildly expensive. (And I suspect people would be strange about the change- when we added "wicked" and "hot" to the BBQ bags, everyone thought we had a new flavor. We're dated here in the county, and probably problematically resistant to change.)

Thanks for your question and spreading the word about our chips!