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Vessel is the Japanese specialist for precision screwdrivers but make sure the cruciform ones are Phillips and not JIS (unless you want JIS). Otherwise Wiha and Wera have extensive ranges and master sets. Otherwise Nepros or Anex also make good drivers.


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I have several Montblanc bags, and while they are good quality, they are poor value. You will get the same craftsmanship from Picard, also made in Germany, for a much lower price. I bought my first briefcase in calf leather from them circa 1994, and it still looks new.

Otherwise Frank Clegg and Glaser Designs are great choices as well and they will make it bespoke for you.

Have a look also at this epic Styleforum thread


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Reply to comment by swordgeek in Best set of chef knives ? by MatineHen

Also a cheap knife properly maintained will work far better than an expensive one never sharpened. I learned how to use Japanese water stones at Bernal Cutlery, but it's just too much work for an amateur and I just use the Victorinox Fibrox with a Chef's Choice sharpener that I wouldn't dream of using on my expensive Ashi Hamono wa-gyuto Japanese chef's knife or even my semi-expensive Tojiro-DP.


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I paid less than that for my Glycine Combat 6, it's an automatic (self-winding) mechanical watch with a Sellita SW200 Swiss movement, a bronze case, green dial and leather band. You can also get a nice Seiko Presage for that price.

I'd suggest you check this filtered Chrono24 search, it's what I'd consider for your budget (new automatic mechanical watches from decent brands). Laco was one of the 5 original makers of pilot's watches for the Germans (A. Lange & Söhne, Laco, Stowa, Wempe, and IWC). Lange and IWC are out of sight expensive. Pilot watches have a certain rugged and sporty charm that would seem more like your style coming from a Casio.

I omitted Seiko because they have too many cheap Seiko 5 models, which are OK, but I'd rather get a Presage for that price.


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Soldiers already carry too much gear, he will appreciate a light one. IP67 is a pretty tough requirement to meet. The Nitecore Carbo 20000 is IPX5, and comparatively lightweight, with a tougher shell than the NB20000 it is derived from.


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I've been buying their stuff since December 2001 or so, when they were the first to come out with a protective case for the original iPod. They still make a wide range of ultra-specialized bags no one else makes. I have their Mac Pro 2013 cylinder bag, for instance, as well as the one for the Mac Mini, Mac Studio and the AirPod Max.

Their laptop sleevecases are the absolute best in the market.

I've owned their excellent Vertigo and Muzetto North-South crossbody messenger bags, and have their packable backpack (doesn't wrinkle so you don't look like a hobo, but doesn't pack very small either). Their bags are great, if you like the style, however they don't have them in highly technical lightweight materials like X-PAC or Dyneema.