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> $deposit * 0.0483 / 365 * 180 = $interest.

Rookie # 2 here. I'm sorry but could you kindly explain the math another way? The asterisks and the $ sign in front of interest have me confused. I do understand that for example if the investment was $100 and the yield was annualized at 4.83% and the investment was for 6 months that you would not be getting $4.83 at the end of 6 months but rather $2.415 but I don't understand what is being multiplied and divided in the example above.

My math skills (understanding) are from " The Little House on the Prairie"


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Preaching to the choir sweetie

I think you buried one of the leads regarding this show though understandable since it pertains to the DVD's.

It seems like it's been decades since I watched the DVD outtakes on repeat with tears and snot running down my face, I have never since laughed so hard.

Comedy gems and genius all around.


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>The O.C was is an amazing T.V series.

You certainly buried the lead IMO. S1 had 27 episodes unheard of these days not to mention the introduction to me of Mischa Barton along with to name a few Lucy Hale, Kelly Rowan, Rachel Bilson, rock star Melinda Clarke, Olivia Wilde, Chris Pratt, America's Sweetheart Rosalind Chao, Shailene Woodley and Nikki Reed


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No, but you know what I would have liked to have seen? Two one off specials. One with the OG cast (Cuddy included) and of course those hired during S4 coming together at Wilson's funeral. Sine the show ended in 2012 this would have to have aired I'd say before 2017 due to relevancy and they could have flashed a title card indicating that this happened 6 months after House and Wilson rode off into the sunset.

The other special would have been and I believe it could even be done today is House finding 13 to fulfill his promise to her.


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> Costco still is selling 1 year subs at $44.99, might be good to pick one up.

Has anyone ordered this since the price increase announcement and been able to add it on to their current subscription? I'm wondering if Costco will cancel the order. I'm good until August 2023 but if I can get it for another year at that price I'm ready to sign up. TIA.


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I've only ever watched encore performances of MF and I found the Dunphys funny but soon enough the other characters were too much to bear and I stopped watching. Julie Bowen was a rock star.

I watched TBBT religiously until the season when Howard went to space. After that I never looked back but the show is on 24/7 and if KC is on particularly if her scene partner is Jim Parsons I'll stop and watch.