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Lol, yup, just as easy as that. No one will be harmed! It's not rocket science, it's common sense yall! Until your entire district is lighting up your switchboards wondering why noone informed them and why the hell we even need street cleaning - it was fine to your constituents before now. And the retiree really hates that you towed her car and she knows how she will get back at you: a primary.
You act like this isn't something that hasn't been studied for around 150 years. That the first Roosevelt didn't struggle implementing - that every single politician and city manager implements. There are doctorates in this and they still can't solve it. And fortunately for these neighborhoods: they won't just be railroaded any longer, like they were for at least 3 generations with highways, railways, and shitty gentrification.


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If it makes you feel any better, this happened recently to me in my neighborhood. The cyclist offered to call the police, I told him to go fuck himself and have a nice day. Its simply not my responsibility to move. Cyclist is clearly in the wrong. If you're riding your bike on the sidewalk you're either knowingly breaking the law or you're a 2-12 year old trick or treating. I also say this as a person who regularly rides their bicycle in this city.


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So the press release this morning was citing the power plants (which I assume are natural gas) not being able to run. How would this factor into what you're saying? Is it something like what happened in Texas with natural gas plants not be winterized enough to take days of negative temps?


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I'm fairly certain you're referencing group homes. This would be covered under anti-discrimination laws provided by both the Civil Rights Act and federal funding mandates from the federal government. Most states also have state statutes that prevent discrimination of long term care facilities - like group homes.