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Well, in this scenario, the city would fund more long term solutions (ICF/ID, group homes, and for short term, a couple wings at a hospital. The problem is: aside from out patient care, of which is actually swimming in money from grants currently but also of course has staffing issues, funding long and short term solutions is off the table, because medicaid doesn't pay anything in PA, so it's simply not profitable and will lead to really bad quality homes/facilities.
So yeah, I don't really care what a mayor proposes. It's going to be lip service until state and federal officials get a long term plan and no one wants higher taxes.


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Honestly, I'm eager to see if Eric Adam's plan in NYC is a) effective, b) constitutional (it likely isn't) and c) not too burdensome on hospitals. Also, I'm not entirely convinced this is something a city even can accomplish. What's to stop other smaller municipalities from simply bussing their "problems" into philly because they have no psych beds but philly has plenty of them. Either way, this would be much better taken care of on a state or even national level.


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For real though. Dude could've just stopped paying rent/communicating and dragged out an eviction for months. Instead, he's trying to be constructive and come to a resolution. Some people just don't know how to be professional and keep things above board. As is, with the right lawyer this landlord could be locked out of his own property via a restraining order and also be made to fix everything while not receiving any money.


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Tbh, I don't know; the information available online seems to be pretty dodgy and there's no way anyone will know more with out a FIRA request. My thought is there was an uncooperative witness in the assault and the arson/other 2 charges were thrown out because of the above. The pandemic happened and as with literally every other DA in the country, things were pled down to low sentences to get people through the legal system as quickly as possible. This guy was sentenced and never showed up to go to jail and walked scot free for 2 years before committing more crimes. Now, he'll be in jail for decades, especially since he violated his original sentence and it'll open him up to at least 10 years under sentencing guidelines.