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This makes a lot of sense, thank you! I'm not specialized in physics, just a curious layman who learned about fields and then had a "hey, wait a minute..." moment. You made this explanation very accessible to me.


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> We don't use magnetic fields to direct energy through utility lines

Sorry, I said electricity when I meant electric energy. Electricity flows through the conductor, energy travels in the field around the wire and can be directed (e.g. from power station to a residence).


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Adding to this, if the US reneged on its commitment to pay back American bond holders, and it represents a significant portion of a retirement investment, it hurts US citizens. Given that the US is comprised of its people, it wouldn't be beneficial to handwave away the debt.


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>Buying a new helmet is much, much cheaper then treating a head injury.

This was a convincing argument for me to stop acting dumb about safety. I crashed while using a brand new helmet and was put out about having to shell out over $100 in the same season. I had to be reminded that it's expensive because it protects my friggin brain!


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Helmet design for motorcycles vs driving cars (e.g. racing) also differ this way based on type of impact. Car helmets are more resistant to crushing force impact. Motorcycles and bikes are designed for repeated, low crush force impact, as would happen when your body is thrown from the bike and head is skipping across the pavement.


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This is not as terrible as it may seem on the surface. The hotline is meant to mitigate immediate loss of life. The first things they assess are intent, means, and urgency. The majority of people who are suicidal have a momentary impulse that will pass if you can distract them long enough to break the script. It doesn't cure depression or suicidal ideation. From there, long term care is needed.


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Thanks for sharing. The testimonial on Perfect Day's website is misleading.

> Thanks to our partnership with Perfect Day, Brave Robot is one of the fastest-growing new brands in the ice cream category. > Paul Kollesoff, Co-Founder Brave Robot

Upon further research, Urgent Company was spun off from Perfect Day to focus on consumer goods, whereas Perfect Day is a business-to-business model. Urgent owns Brave Robot, but you're effectively right that it's not the same as a major brand partnering with Perfect Day.