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Market fluctuations are irrelevant for a long term investor. I've been in it since 1990 or so and it has averaged about a 10% annual gain. Yes there were tough periods like 2001-2002 and 2007-2008 but all that just looks like noise now. Unless you foolishly cash out, you'll almost invariably be at many multiples of the pre crash balance. I've got 18 times as much as I had in 2000 and about 4 times was much as I had in 2007.


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The point is that if you give the $20 to a homeless charity they are going to use it to provide 20 or even 40 meals in places where real homeless congregate. Giving money to panhandlers is vastly less efficient not just because many are scammers but also because you aren't reaching most of the homeless population or an organization that can leverage economies of scale to buy efficiently. The people who hang out at busy intersections with signs, particularly in suburbs where they know many easy marks exist, are not representative of the real population or problem.


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The largest prime number ever factored by a real quantum computer using Shor's algorithm was 21 back in 2012 so don't hold your breath. In 2019 an attempt was made to factor the number 35 using Shor's algorithm on an IBM Q System One, but the algorithm failed because of accumulating errors. It's tech that sounds great in science fiction but actually building a working quantum computer with enough qbits and low enough noise to do anything useful may be an impossible engineering problem.


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There's no direct evidence that the cause of the big bang was an imploding universe. Insofar as we can tell, it was the start of both space and time with nothing necessarily preceding it or causing it. Asking what preceded it is kind of like asking what is south of the South Pole. Nonsensical in our space/time geometry.


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Break the lease, regardless of what they say it costs, and find a cheaper place to rent. Let them go after the wife for the amount, if they choose to sue, which is rare. Most likely they will just put the unit back on the market and, other than "amount due" notices, you won't hear from them again. Write them a nice letter describing the circumstances as to why you have to terminate the lease early, and documenting that you have no assets from which to pay the termination fee. That will reduce the odds of them pursuing a judgement. One because you are broke and two because landlords are human.