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We probably could but the practicality of it would depend on how deep and wide the vein is. If it's 100m deep and 50m wide it's probably too expensive to dig a suitable trench out to completely cut off the vein. Also, it wouldn't stop the fire, it would just prevent it from spreading any further.


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I doubt it, the mothers and wives of the men sent to die unwillingly are the most likely to speak up against the government, this gets them out of the country so if they do complain there aren't other Russians around to hear it, and lets Putin double down on "We're defending Russians who are living in the Ukraine!" rhetoric.


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I don't think location should be the question, it should be the purpose. I'm fine with self-driving buses, taxi cabs, and freight haulers, because they're being operated by a company, someone who can be subject to oversight and inspection.

Basically I don't trust the average private user to maintain a self-driving car to a standard that would keep that vehicle road worthy and operating itself in a safe fashion (I do technical support, I know how little care most people will give to their computers, and I've seen many cars that should by no means be on the road), but I do trust them to find ways to bypass whatever safety interlocks companies try to put on the cars to keep them from being used in unsafe conditions (I also know many people who sit on their seatbelt just so the car will stop dinging at them while they're driving)


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On top of what others have said such a mesh would also disturb airflow going into the engines, think about the difference between water coming out of the end of a hose and water coming out of your kitchen tap that has that little mesh bit on the end of it. Turbulent air entering the engines increases the risk of the engines surging, and can potentially cause them to damage themselves or even fail entirely. That's a good chunk of why wake turbulence is such a big deal.