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The Jim Crow south, redlining, no gi bill like the rest of the ww2 vets. No access to good education since school funding is tied to property taxes. In which black people used to be prevented from buying. A lot of reasons I’m sure I’m missing too.


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Clorox doesn’t make it they keep the pofit of the smaller company they own. Which is hidden valley food company or whatever it’s called. There aren’t bleach wipes being made next to ranch in any plant Clorox has. Companies buy other companies to improve stock price or sometimes for banal reasons. If you’re unprofitable then you buy other profitable businesses who’s owners don’t wanna work 18hr days. Then your own business becomes more profitable on paper.


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Brain cancer kills people quickly, there isn’t some cure waiting on the shelf but it’s just not profitable. It’s a very complicated place to deliver chemotherapy to. Do you even realize how much they could charge for something like that?