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Yea there's better stuff to look at, like desalting ocean water with the abundance of extra solar energy during the day... but... it'll be a while until they give a shit about that. Can't wait for the ridiculous pipe from the mississippi to the west before they realize there's an ocean next to cali LOL. You know they're gonna do it


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The browser sends a header saying which images it supports and websites can send back the best format that it does support. (I say can there cuz some only have jpeg, but now many have jpeg, webp, avif, and will send accordingly)

flash got killed due to terrible security and being able to access the underlying system, same reason java got killed off on web. Same reason web assembly is so slow to adopt anything, even threading, because of security


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Google was a big part of JPEG XL and is actively working on libjxl as well... and JPEG XL is also based on FLIF and google's pik: https://github.com/google/pik so pretty weird.

On the chromium project there are many things that get added and pushed back for years but the commit and notes are there. Even the support for JPEG XL flag on by default itself keeps getting pushed back in it's thread. You can go here https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1178058#c38 and ctrl+f for "expiry_milestone" to see that it has been pushed back many times. Might be the case with the depreciation or something.

edit: they are seemingly finished and abandoning webp2 as well. All image formats seem out the window.