fightingblind t1_j5ao8fh wrote

I have to do something! I don’t even remember what I did in
my past lives. I don’t remember what got me sent to prison. I have been in prison
as far as I can remember.

The guard came up and banged on the door. “Happy 18th
birthday!” the guard laughed, “You’re finally an adult and can be served your

I stepped back and put my hands on the wall. I long ago
learned not to mess with the guards in maximum security. The cell opened and 3
guards came in, chaining me from head to feet. I was put on a stretcher and
carried out of my cell.

I was carried through a yard. What is this? Blue? My eyes
hurt. This is my first time in this life seeing the sky! I was stood up on the
other end of the yard and a clergy came out and performed rites. On a pedestal
stood a man who spoke up.

“Prisoner 15667522, you are hereby served for your sentence.
This will be your 13th of 22 death sentences. Lord have mercy on
your soul.”

Prison guards lined up on the other side of the yard, aimed
and fired.