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yeah those dudes are great. i've gone to a couple local zoning meetings where they have given their proposals for different projects - they always listen to the feedback, even from the old-heads who hate the new projects.

i'm waiting for them to buy the strip club, bare elegance (at richmond and allegheny), and flip it into a dolphin-type club.


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norris square is absolutely going to change, but i don't see it becoming a hipster strip. the redevelopment over that way is too big money.

port richmond has way more of an organic thing going on. it's the same shit that made fishtown pop off 15 years ago. follow the music (launderette // lunar), booze (lunar, tin can bar, donna's, corner bar, bonks), and food (pizza richmond, lunar, nemi), art (tshakeshke, corpse flower, tattoo collective).

my prediction is bare elegance (strip club at richmond and allegheny) gets flipped into a dolphin-type place and that's what makes the neighborhood completely tip.


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I feel like a lot of people on this sub really don't know what fishtown was like before 2010 - it absolutely had the same vibe as port richmond in the 2000s (even into the early 2010s). every bar was a locals-only corner bar and if you weren't from fishtown originally, you got looked at like you had a third eye. it was a working class neighborhood for generations.

that said, port richmond not having easy access to the el is an issue. the trolley will help though.