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The fact that you were confused by your own simple metaphor about a service provider and a customer says to me that you see landlords and tenants as interchangeable individuals with equal footing in a business relationship. But they are not, because like ISPs and their subscribers, it is not a level relationship that goes in both directions. It is someone running a business and selling it to the public, which tend to come with obligations and restrictions on what they can and cannot do because if affects the public at large. Reversing that makes no sense, which is why the way you used your metaphor resulted in an absurd scenario that is in no way anything like what this bill is doing.


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>next time you sign up for internet service for a yr and want to switch at end of contract to some other provider but cant because provider been good standing with you and continues contract indefinitely

This metaphor is weird because you're reversing the subjects here. The landlord is the ISP. It's more like a bill preventing an ISP from terminating or throttling service to a customer who is in good standing.


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Here's the person who actually filmed the video:

In his IG story he's criticizing the media for the hate crime angle they're going with and calling for them to correct the story.

According to him, it was not a racially motivated attack. All the kids know each other and the autistic kid (Elijah) was getting beat up because he was talking smack about the other kids and making fun of two of their friends who recently died from subway surfing. Other kids also said Elijah apparently previously joined in on beating up another kid too so he wasn't getting anything here that he hasn't dished out himself on others.


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My personal pet peeve is when I hear them say things like "I used a pseudonym so I wouldn't get preferential treatment in the industry." Like, you can't be that naive. It's fine, dude, you're obviously talented, it's ok to say you got a leg up.

Allison Williams really has the right attitude.


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Monsters, basically. There are several different types, and each look different.

Cherubs have four heads (human, ox, eagle, lion) and four wings.

Seraphim is like a floating head with six wings and are on fire.

Ophanim is just a bunch of floating golden wheels.