finderdj t1_j114h4z wrote

The PAUJS portal is fed directly from the statewide criminal case management computer system. In almost every county in PA, any filings made on a criminal case go into the same case management computer system and then will reflect on the UJS portal at roughly the same time. However, the public docket sheets and case summaries on the UJS Portal are all you get - public access doesn't mean easy access - to read a particular document, you usually have to go to the physical filing office and request a copy (and pay for said copy).

Some counties will offer public access to their computer systems, but with criminal, most don't bother because the state handles UJS for them. I googled Lackawanna, just to see, and got this page. I checked out the system they use (INFOCON, think 90s computer database) and it appears to be civil and orphans court only. UJS appears to be your primary go-to for this situation.

The Docket sheet on UJS Portal WILL reflect the sentence of that person when they are sentenced. It's usually on the second or third page of a docket sheet and will specify each charge and the resulting disposition of each charge (i.e. prison, probation, fine, etc) in succession. The last pages of a docket sheet are a timeline of the case by each docket entry, i.e. each filing or hearing. You can piece together a lot about the case based on that. It's possible this person has been convicted of the crime but not yet sentenced by the judge. Sentencing can occur soon after a trial or a long time after, depending on all sorts of factors (requests to reschedule/postpone, pre-sentence investigations done by the state to offer evidence at a sentencing hearing, etc).