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> Cecilia Chiang introduced non-Cantonese Chinese food to the US.

Northern non-Cantonese Chinese food. My great-uncle introduced the US to Southwestern non-Cantonese Chinese food. ;-)

(OK, he probably wasn't the first...but Sichuan cuisine is quite different from Northern (Shandong?) cuisine.)


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Umberto I, murdered by an anarchist during an impressive international wave of anarchist assassinations. They got Presidents, Kings, a Tsar, a whole list of government leaders.


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> the Germans called the east coast of the US the "happy hunting ground" when we were sending supplies to England.

I've read accounts of nights during the war you could fly from Maine to Florida along the Atlantic coast and never be out of sight of a burning ship.


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My brother's first management job was at a printing company in Chicago, their huge main factory building had been built around 1900.

Each corner of the building had a staircase that only went to one of the four main production floors. This was so the management could segregate their factory workers by ethnicity - otherwise management was certain there'd be daily brawls between the various sects of recent European immigrants working there.