fish4096 t1_jbdutkc wrote

gotta have clear definition of "big" then.

By diameter? Mass? Bigger then what?We could of course take Earth as ballpark and drive rules from there, but this wont get us far the more of universe we discover. There will be all kinds of odd objects that dont fit into our little bubble of categories.

The reason I'm upset about Pluto is because it's one of those "classic" discoveries, something that should be honored.


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gotta love our incredible core. Solid metal ball surrounded by flow of liquid metals, creating dynamo. forcefield a la Starcraft Immortals. Any stronger and vulcanic activity would make catastrophic events too frequent, preventing intelligent life to evolve.

any weaker and the solar radiation would be too strong on the surface, wrecking organics.


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but you give up land forever. just look at how jelous everybody is of Norway, l because they were given some seemingly worthless ocean for next to nothing.

Besides, giving up territory to invaders just because "too pricey to defend" sets really bad precedent.