fisticuffin t1_j22dux2 wrote

i remember those billboards offering $10000’s for info on Billy’s disappearance.

his disappearance was linked to a connected politician—chris sorenson—and NOTHING was ever done about it. imo cops deliberately dropped the ball on this case for over a year when billy went missing in 2006–the lead detective literally stated that billy was “probably having a beer in europe and will come home when he’s ready.”

all that said, allegedly, madeline gleason is a foul lying murderer—or accessory to murder, and the woodbridge police deliberately helped her get away with killing a man.

i’m so sorry for, but so proud of Jan and Bill Smolinski, who have NEVER stopped trying to find the truth of what happened to Billy, defying every corrupt police officer and politician that tried to stand in the way of justice.

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