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Where are these people working that they only get state mandated sick time? I would gladly help connect them with some better employers.

Anyway, would I use three days of PTO to make $850 dollars plus gas money plus three meals for a study I was interested in participating in? Yes.


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In addition, it may conflict with your homeowners insurance if it doesn't heat all areas of the home.

Wood stoves are usually not considered a backup heat source by insurance companies (since they don't work if you're not home).


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Actually it's likely the the additives would help prevent phase separation and keep water in solution where it will run through the engine pretty harmlessly.

I just buy whatever gas the station sells at the correct octane rating for my vehicle (good ol' 87), but the additives in the goofy branded gas would probably have helped in this case.


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While I agree with the science on learning styles, it's pretty clear from context that (while they may not have used the best phrasing) the previous commenter is getting at the fact that different people, even of the same generation, have different knowledge bases and skills.

Trends aside, even Gen-Zers didn't pop out of the womb being great at scholarly internet research. Even though OP is a self-proclaimed master of it, many of their coursemates may not be depending on their experiences.