flannel_smoothie t1_j9803er wrote

I do like anthem House a lot and I LOVE locust point. My only complaint is the appliances. Big downgrade on a agitator washing machine. Big “old person” energy. The proximity to downtown plus the neighborhood vibe is great. There’s a little too much “corporate” stuff there like the chipotle, however I’m willing to make that trade off if it means two grocery stores. Having four good restaurants in a couple block radius rules. My view is better at anthem house actually I look out over the fort.


flannel_smoothie t1_j977dxg wrote

I lived there and loved it! The building and apartments are super nice. The only downside is that the area doesn’t have a “neighborhood” feel and the amenities are lacking compared to other buildings in the area. They make up for this in the quality they build into the apartments. Fixtures, finishes and appliances blow my place at anthem house out of the water.