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i'll be completely honest with you, i've never been here but these two restaurants don't sound like substitutes... certainly not any more than any other lunch option would be a substitute, so i'm going to guess the Subway opening next to them will not change much

if you're looking for a $5 footlong no one is going to be able to help you but Subway. if you're looking for a real italian sandwich and you walk into a Subway you may as well be in mcdonalds at that point...


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i'm not sure i really understand your question, did you call hertz?

i've paid for platepass after electing it, i've never paid it after not electing it, seems like a pretty simple issue to complain to hertz about

edit: reading it again now, is it that you didn't elect it, used a toll road, and then were served the all-inclusive fee rather than the per-usage fee? sounds like you should ask hertz if they still have a per use fee at all. that said the per use was like $6 adminstrative + your actual toll price so depending on where you went it might be similar $ (which is why i ended up voluntarily electing the all inclusive last time)


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for doorman/elevator buildings you can look at grove point, 50/70 columbus, mandalay/portofino (condo, but owners rent it out), newport (not near grove st, but i assume newport station is ok too), avalon cove (also newport station). these are some of the slightly older high rises, though their 1.5-2br prices are starting to be 4.5-5k i'm hearing, but you might catch a lower floor one in your price range


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in your own example, if rent = mortgage + tax + maintenance and tax increases by 32% to balance the equation the rent side does not need to go up by 32%

how much the rent side needs to go up depends on the size of the tax component vs the mortgage + maintenance, which is again not directly related to each other. however you can make some directional guesses, in any case leading you to the conclusion that 25% increase in rent likely more than covers 32% increase in taxes.


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i just need to point out the obvious that while taxes increased 32% that number is not directly comparable to your 25% rent increase....

said simply, it is highly unlikely that a rent increase of 25% will not cover a tax increase of 32%. however i'm sure the property tax issue is indeed one of the major contributors to the rent increase

to OP: unfortunately there are only 2 options -- negotiate (and win), or move out, a lot of folks are stuck in the same situation because the increases have been so high


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this is such a great question and i feel like something that i've loved about JC that i didn't get when i lived in NYC

there are local neighborhood associations, animal rescues, park groups, gardening groups, volunteering organizations, reddit community meetups, and a lot of the highrises themselves have building facebook pages etc


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typically the contract itself would state what forms of notice are possible so you should actually review the document again. you can call the tenant relations office for the law if it is not stated in the contract though.


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not trying to be sarcastic but what possible options are there besides (a) waiting for them to come back or (b) removing the car unilaterally (i.e. towing it)

i guess you could do things like stand outside the car or activate its car alarm to try and make (a) happen faster, but those two feel like the only possible actions no?


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i've faced this situation so many times and it's really tough. the best way to deal with it is look around at the market and see if there are better options. if all other similar buildings are priced at your new rate you both have no choice and no real way to argue it. if there are options you should both negotiate and prepare to take those options.

i have no love for large landlords in general but property taxes went up an incredible amount over the past year, easily >$500/mo on a 2br


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I've been harassed and threatened several times on the streets of downtown jersey city, every time by teens. I frankly just stay away from teens now.

I have indeed thought many times about what I could've / should've done, it's somewhat comforting to see many people agree here there's not that much to do.

None of the situations ended in violence so perhaps de-escalation and trying to get away is ultimately the best answer... sorry this happened to you too.


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it is privately owned and given you didn't know, you (personally) likely cannot park there

the street parking is also not public. i see cars booted in the lot and all along that street all the time, the developer/owner seems quite picky about it.

if jersey city parking authority hired those guys they'd hit the annual quota before the month of January was over...