flare2000x t1_irxtyp2 wrote

Basically Hockey Canada (Canadian organising body for all youth, junior, and amateur hockey, as well as the national teams) has been under fire recently for their management of multiple sex assault cases by players. They used money including player fees (like, everyday registration fees parents pay to have their kids play) to build up a fund meant to settle sex assault cases out of court, and basically sweep everything under the rug. This summer 2 high profile accusations hit the news and the Hockey Canada executive just said they didn't do anything wrong and were refusing to step down or make any changes, when the rest of the entire country was demanding it. The PM actually said that if they don't change the government will just make a new nationalized hockey organising body instead. Finally today after almost every single one of their sponsors left the execs decided to resign. But it really should have happened months ago.