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Agree, it was good but now the online job application system is sooo saturated between websites and recruiting companies. Apply using a mix of everything and even through friends and family connections in person! Job fairs help too, hit them up at any local colleges even if you don't attend the school, if you can get in of course.


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So you want to change without changing lol. Sorta kidding. Take some classes at a local community College or trades school, just one, an hr or two a week. Start the commitment to something slowly. You can do it, first step is the hardest.


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I hear you. We all pay man. A company didn't get paid, govt will reimburse and we all, most, pay taxes. Our national debt will go up.. Nothing is free in life lol. And lots of people make payments and doing fine that get the discharge. Google who pays for student loan forgiveness. I had almost 6 figures of student debt, got a good job, read the fine print and paid it off. Now govt is essentially handing out 10 20k.. I want my free money!


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Trust me, if a 10k or 20k value is being discharged that's not imaginary money, it was owed to someone. The loan repayment amount, even whats above whats being borrowed, was the agreed repayment. Let me show you, venmo me 100 bucks, I promise to pay you back 200 over the next 15yrs.


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Well they didn't get it fully repaid. See banks/everyone wants to make money. If I loan you 100 bucks and we agree you'll pay me back 110 over 5 years but you stop after paying me 102 then I'm out 8 bucks. That is a cost to me and I've lost money because I could have loaned that money to someone else. I get loan rates may be high and unreasonable sometimes but I'm simply showing how a loan works. Now the banks aren't getting their money, like housing crash and lots of banks fail or govt prints money and pays them back, leading to inflation. School loan probably won't close any lenders but eventually that money comes out of somebody's pocket.


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How about a bank loans you 100k of their money, therefor the money went from bank to your school. Govt now says your loan is discharged, meaning you don't have to pay it back. Now school has money, bank doesn't get repaid. Does that make sense?


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That's a slippery slope but I agree to an extent. We shouldn't need to tax the rich differently, if we had a system that was somehow balanced.. There is no easy solution to all the issues in our economy, especially we can all agree on! I paid my loans, got a good job, get paid well and have more than most so I try not to complain.