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It's up to you then. Will your wife be able to ride with you on the occasions that happens? Remember it really only snows like 20-30 days a year... If you truly both need to be on the move during those storms, then you probably should get the bigger vehicle, but if not it sounds like a waste.


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Literally any FWD/AWD car with proper tires will be fine unless you live somewhere that doesn't plow. Bigger=safer is a lie made up by the auto industry to sell more SUVs since the 00s.


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Fyi, because I'm not a dick, they're making fun of you because "suburbs" of Portland are pretty residential. Portland itself looks more like a suburb than a city to people who are from a city. Also, you should ask this in r/portlandme instead. Realize that many of the rural folk lurk here rather than there and so you will get snarky responses to things like your dietary restrictions as gluten-free could be seen as a hippy "fad-diet" (though that may not be the case for you). Best bet is probably this though: https://www.findmeglutenfree.com


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I agree with your post for the most part, but a couple things. Nobody cares about BA vs BS in CS. That said, you're right that they should do UMO no question. OP should stick with computer science. Ceiling for career and pay will be much higher. Also it really teaches you the underlying fundamentals instead of teaching you more like a trade. Even years down the line I can (for the most part) tell which of my colleagues did full CS programs versus CIS/bootcamp/IT/etc. They are all successful no doubt, but the lead/principal devs/architects are all hardcore CS people. YMMV and of course not everyone in tech wants to work IN tech, so it's all about what you want out of it.


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What are you trying to get a loan for? Generally, you are going to get a bad deal if you have bad credit. Bad credit = high risk, so you are going to pay out the nose in interest wherever you go. You might get approved for a loan, but no lender is going to "help" you, they are going to ream you out.


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Going to need a bit more information here. Do you have any formal education post high school? What kind of jobs have you worked in the past (experience-wise)? What are "mom's hours"? Also, please never set foot in a rent-a-center. Their entire business model is way overcharging people who are most in need. Check Craigslist/FB marketplace/Uncle henrys for cheap used laptops or maybe even give your library a call. They often have loaner computers for students but if you explain your situation they may be sympathetic enough to let you use it until you can afford your own.


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>Who is "paying the bills" in said cities? Hint: it's not the non-white people and their companies (or lack thereof). And let's not pretend like a sizable portion of this spending doesn't go towards supporting these low-productivity groups in the first place.

Low wage =/= low productivity. If that were true, I'd say this state is pretty damn unproductive. You almost understand systemic racism, but not quite. Also moving the goal posts. Fact is, scared rural folk like yourself aren't paying them.

> Is it your theory that wealth is concentrated in cities becuase they are racially diverse, or diverse becuase wealth is concentrated in cities?

Neither, I was pointing out correlation not causation. I think there are dozens of reasons why.

>States with minority non-hispanic white population:

White =/= non hispanic white. You said "largely non-white."


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Yeah, so crazy to bring up one of the most (if not the most) important factors of immigration. You brought up several large cities in your other comment as if they are shitholes. They're the places paying the bills your state government generates. Your homogeneous society isn't prosperous at all is my point. The most prosperous places in America are also centers of diversity. Also, all states are majority white (and most, by a huge margin). Do you know how to google? And absolutely, have lived in one and plan to return to one as soon as is practical for my situation. I can say, without any reservation, that living in the city I never felt unsafe, was surrounded by far more intellectual peers, and enjoyed the many benefits of urban living. You sound extremely ignorant and it shows that you grew up somewhere where you didn't actually interact with anyone that doesn't look like you.


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Definitely do not need more Dunning–Kruger poster child conservatives like you. Why are you so scared of big, diverse cities? You realize that places like bumblefuck, nowhere that you live in don't make the economy turn, right? If you had things your way, we'd be living in a truly awful place.



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There are tons of companies in both Boston and the GBA... Not sure what your point is. Not surprised you ignored the biggest point which is that the pay is significantly lower and especially with current Portland rent, definitely not anywhere near a CoL difference. We are last in New England by far. You asked: why Boston? I think you're a bit out of touch of with what the average graduating person is facing right now. You can't just wave your hand and say that the competition is more when the reality is the numbers still favor their job market. It didn't use to be this way necessarily, but it is what it is. I choose to live here and love it but I realize that someone who is trying to break into the business world is going to have a better time there.



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Maine is great in so many ways but let's not shy away from the fact that it's not easy here for bright young graduates. Boston will have a better pay:CoL ratio, more networking opportunities, more jobs, more things to do for young people, and they can always easily visit on the Downeaster. That's probably why they said Boston.