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From a Physicist working in the sphere of Biology

A lot.

Unless that stationary body is some kind of molecule fixed or arranged/bounded to a surface sort that would either restrict or minimize kinetic displacements of individual molecules ( each such displacement requiring input for entropy penalty )

Another way of fixing molecules is freezing the water...

PS. If the body refers to a container for transportation and storage, temperature of the water is all you need to know about the average displacement count/interaction count.


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Sounds a bit too "futuristic"

We had a discussion ( in my Biophysicist group of 3 ) about specialized bacteria bred to consume plastic with non-toxic metabolic residues, and in just 15 minutes we isolated dozen or so serious issues with the theory.

I will give you just one.

What may happen if lab-bred bacteria follow the trend of consumption-based mutations and became create variants targeting not only waste but also more "energy-dense matter", and now we created species that can consume everything.


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Work is done, so why should they pay for it?

  1. work is not done, Europe is still exploiting the global south intentionally and unintentionally.

  2. It's not just Europe's problem nor anyone says it needs to be, but assistance in the transition process is absolutely their responsibility. It's their responsibility to protect the future of not only the global south but also their population from the consequences of the current exploitative regimes of input-output when it comes to the global economy.


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I know what they mean by "Lemons cure scurvy" but

Still have to elaborate, scurvy is a condition in which a human lacks vitamin C intake or just a Vitamin C deficit... Lemons are just a good source of Vitamin C, but there are many other fruits and vegetables with high amounts of Vitamin C, Lemons have this reputation due to their relative ease of storage, and the fact it's mainly has been consumed raw or added late to the food in cooking thus, maintaining high concentrations of Vitamin C.

Tomatoes also have a decent amount of Vitamin C, but people cook them and neutralise a lot of the Vitamins in them ( kinda )