floydink t1_j1gvg9i wrote

“Narcissism is a stereotypically masculine trait” this part of science bugs me. Women are much better at social dynamics than men, and narcissistic women are very good at hiding it and women are more trusted and fall under the radar of suspicion. This stereotype of narcissism being tied to mostly men I believe is faulty study. This goes the same for the study of autism. Men are easier to detect but women due to their enhanced desire for social constructs and manipulation, are much harder to pick out or reach for treatment. Men by far seek treatment not because they want to, but because they get in trouble or get arrested due to their behaviors and then labeled narcissistic, along with societal norms that lead men wanting powerful positions, which in modern day is being pushed into female mentality as well. I’ve met plenty of female narcissists and it’s completely bias to lean so hard on one gender than the other here. Testosterone may play a role but it’s not a defining attribute in what makes one narcissistic