fluffy_assassins t1_je9dwdw wrote

"is it gonna swing a hammer? are we all just gonna keep pretending there isn't a nationwide skilled labor shortage? There's plenty of work to go around. Everyone just thinks they're too good for it."

We are talking about jobs, not skilled jobs.

People think they're too good for unskilled labor.

Labor that is skilled requires skills. If it was as simple as swinging a hammer, it wouldn't be skilled labor. So you're trying to talk about skilled labor like it's unskilled labor to transfer the blame to people who don't have the resources to acquire the skill and then claiming they think they're too good for your skilled labor when there's just no way they can do it.

Yeah, no.


fluffy_assassins OP t1_je1a1b6 wrote

They wouldn't have the authority, they'd get the money and take the credit.

But the AI would have the authority and decision-making.

The CEO's "tool" would be making the decisions and that could go both ways but hey, it'd be change.