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not the case in literally any pedestrian friendly city - it's called roofs lol!

but for now, you are still correct. new york's haphazard street shacks threw up during covid certainly won't cut it - but i am sure that restaurants will invest in proper outdoor infrastructure once they have a guarantee that their street is going to be pedestrianized. unless the food is bomb as hell, people will choose the restaurant next door with outdoor heaters, enclosed seating, and properly sealed rain-proof roofs.


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because social media can bring a situation to attention and light a fire under the asses of the necessary parties to actually respond? it's really not rocket science here babe

sorry that this post interrupted your 100th viewing of "here's my sunday breakfast sandwich!" posts. it costs you 0 minutes to just not comment on a thread you see no value in btw!


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i would reach out to local media or post on larger facebook pages for your county/town and try to put the shelter on blast

i would also reach back out to the police again and perhaps home again for legal advice because this sounds entirely against the protocol everyone was supposed to conduct. i'm sure you are not the first this has happened to, so it seems unrealistic that the final option is to just let it go because people think it's "too cruel" to revoke a cat that was improperly adopted out to return them to their rightful family.


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I think everyone has also collectively discovered the "secret" of going in earlier to beat the traffic and now traffic is solidly from 7:30-10:30am.

I used to be on a half full bus around 7:30 from Willowbrook Mall into the city, to arrive at 8:15, and now not only is the bus ALWAYS full, we ALWAYS arrive at 8:25/30 or worse now... However, the plus side is the commuter lot at the mall is so full that they don't care to check anyone's parking but the monthly people - I always park just slightly closer to the mall, in the "non-commuter" spots, and by the time I get back around 6 there's 50+ cars doing the same so it's no longer worth targeting delinquents if we're not actually taking up mall parking spots.

I'd leave later since earlier doesn't matter now, but the earlier I'm in, the earlier I can leave later that day...