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Most of those problems are due to the input/memory limitations for general use. I can imagine locally hosted GPTs that have training access to an organization's source code, development standards, and database data structures. Such a system could be incredibly useful. Human developers would just provide the prompts, supervise, approve, and test new/updated code.

Would have to be locally hosted, because most orgs are NOT going to feed their source code to an outside agency regardless of the promises of efficiency.


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They're not on actual "rest stops". Those don't even have gas stations. They're talking about the hunks of commercial real estate at highway exits with fast food and gas stations. Lots of times a single developer owns the whole area and just leases spots to other people looking to cater to weary travelers.

The claim being made here, which I haven't heard before but wouldn't surprise me, is that when Tesla leases a hunk of land from one of these developers they do so with the agreement that no other charging station will be allowed to lease on the same property.

No public land involved.


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They tend to lose more in the first 5 years or so, and then the rate of decline flattens out somewhat.

But lots of variables are at play. The hotter the panels get the more they'll degrade, that's a big one. So panels in a field with good airflow around the mountings tend to stay cooler than panels mounted to rooftops with little to zero air flow behind them, and will degrade slower.

Manufacturers don't like losing money to warranty claims, so go take a look at almost any panel manufacturer and their power output guarantees. You'll see a quicker decline in the first few years then the rate of decline will shallow out a lot. And those guarantee figures are always going to be conservative in respect to what they actually expect to happen.


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Depends if you're okay letting your installation drop to 70% or possibly 60% of it's rated power. The panels don't just break after 25 years they just slowly lose power capacity.

I would hope that old solar farms just get new contracts with reduced terms, or new panels added to the existing set (space permitting) to top it back up to capacity.

That's something we'll have to look out for. If companies are throwing away 25-year-old solar panels, just because the power output dropped some, that's shitty and wasteful.

Profitable companies are sometimes shitty but rarely wasteful. So I have hope.


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Doesn't claim causality at all. Defensive much?

But it does open up interesting avenues for further study. People don't tend to make social media posts about the boring mundane everyday stuff. They make posts about the extraordinary stuff good and or bad. So you are going to see a decent number of posts on any parenting forum or subreddit about close calls, and rare complications and extreme interactions with strange people.

Parenting social media can be exhausting. There's little denying that.

That's why r/wholesomememes is so popular, you need some eye bleach after reading all the tragedies that get posted in r/parenting