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I fearlessly face your downvoting.

If you get a positive test, you become obligated to deal with asbestos in accordance with the law. If you use an effective respirator, use enough drop cloths, and thoroughly wet down the work area, you can claim a lack of mens rea, AND, there's no record of your iniquities.

WHEN ignorance is bliss, THEN it's folly to be wise.


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Start by adjusting the track to move the door closer to the wall. If you look at the bracket holding the track near the top, there's a horizontal slot at the bottom with two screwheads in it. Loosen those (and any other screws in horizontal slots), push the track so the door-to-wall clearance is a little less than the thickness of whatever weather strip you use, and tighten everything. The track is supposed to be at a slight angle that, as the door descends, pushes the door evenly against the weatherstripping.