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Most likely someone somewhere in the area had a monster scorch-up in their kitchen. Or at one of the restaurants. You can get bubbles of trapped cooler air in the valleys and the warm that is coming in rides over the top and pushes everything down.. Groveton gets the same sort of Mystery Smells in the early fall.

I'm on in Portsmouth now, and for the last few days there's been a wandering burnt sweet soap smell which more often than not, is coming from the Schiller power plant. God save you when one of the kids fucks up a batch of coffee at the coffee roasters nearby, and burns it. It's Downwind Death.

When the thermals trap air bubbles, that is when things get really interesting as far as odors.


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He doesn’t like the guy because he’s told to by the ‘media’ he consumes. The fact that he’s harping on a completely incorrect aspect of what the Transportation Secretary’s abilities are, and are not is all you need to know about where he’s getting his fact-free talking points from.


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Oh yes, because an appointed head of a department has legislative authority over the railroads, and not, let me see… the legislature. Sweet Jesus would you get a grip? Obama ‘s administration had passed a law that required the railroads to change up the braking systems to ones that didn’t start fires when a derailment happened.. However, a lovely Republican carpetbagger named Donald Trump overturned it. Gotta make it easy for the railroads to profiteer using technology that is 60+ years old. God forbid that these companies modernize! You’re an ass.


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This area is full well into the maw of Late Stage Capitalism.

Home buying within 75 miles of the Seacoast is now an exercise in futility if you're making a working poor/lower middle class income.

I've been looking for years and have expanded my search to the upper midwest.

Can find homes there a plenty and as husband and I are within a decade of being turfed from our jobs for being too old, it looks like where we will be headed once we no longer are employable.


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> Everyone who criticized them as "plague rats" were wrong.

Oh, I think there's a ton of unvaccinated people that got struck with Covid that are left permanently crippled with heart, lung, kidney and liver issues that might beg to differ, never mind the dead ones..

Pretty much every person I know that has been vaccinated and caught Covid, has had at worst a few days of minor cold-like symptoms.

The only relatives I have that have died from this? Unvaccinated.


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> long hours and piss-poor treatment for shit pay,

Ain't that the truth. I work with a woman, who went to work in healthcare and spent a ton of money for training, and of course, lots of time and lo, she was over and done with it because of the shit pay, crap supervisors and even more miserable hours.

When a service sector job offers better wages and scheduling, Houston, the Medical Industry's got a problem...


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I just stopped answering my phone if I didn't recognize the number. As to the texts, reply and ask why you're being texted since you're not old enough to vote.. Use kid spelling and keep it brief like an annoyed 14 year old. BY LAW, the political groups aren't supposed to contact children, so they're pretty good at scrubbing one's number. I only have gotten ONE text - and that was today, reminding me to vote.