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Firearms are defensive tools meant to counter or prevent the malicious imminent use of deadly force by another. They’re not a tool for lower tiers of force. You can’t use deadly force against someone not using deadly force against yourself or others, nor can you use a deadly force tool intentionally in a non deadly manner, such as to maim.


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This headline is doing a lot of disingenuous work here. The cap for how much you receive is 150k, so if someone lost a 2 million dollar home, they only received 150k for it in disaster aid. Also, for anyone wondering that also didn’t read past the headline, this was after Sandy in 2011, so here’s a preemptive shush for anyone who might think about smearing Lamont.


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He wouldn’t be there unless he was directly involved. Here’s a list of things he’s done, and I’ve filtered it down to only things that have become law and he was sponsor or co-sponsor.

As for the vet thing, he was at least a marine reservist. Compare that to notable rugged tough men Trump, who faked a foot injury, and Ted Nugent, who pissed his pants to fake disability. He shouldn’t have associated himself with those who actually deployed to Vietnam, but he did serve in some capacity, and the work he’s done as Senator for the military has been commendable. He’s one of the Senate’s biggest champions for protecting our troops.

As for the money thing, I really don’t care much about how rich his family is or was, because of the quality of his service to the nation. No reasonable, objective person would describe Blumenthal as someone who only got where he is because of money, because of his performance as AG and now Senator.