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Israel allowed an Islamic charity to compete with the PA in services. As soon as it turned violent, Israel started fighting it. It did not create an armed wing against the PLO.

If Israel were to bar funding from Qatar to Gaza, you and all other sjws would decry the evil Israelis for the collective punishment. That Hamas is a corrupt villainous organization that steals resources from the Gazans is not Israel's problem. The Gazans need to solve it.

Your feeble attempt to build a case where Israel "props up" Hamas in any way shape or form is risible. Do better.


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Oh please. Jews were being slaughtered way before the first immigration wave.

Israel pulled out in 2005. The increased border control started in early 2007 when the rocket attacks and cross-border incursions started.

Your last paragraph simply shows you are totally detached from reality. Seriously. The Palestinians are already more than radicalized, Islamist or not, and Israel propping up Hamas? Pull the other one.


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The violence came before the occupation, and before there was a modern Israel. That cause/effect doesn't work as well as you may think it does. More recently, Israel left Gaza and the violence continued.

Israel has been negotiating continuously. How do you expect a government in the 16th year of its 4 year mandate (Abbas) and a terrorist organization (Hamas) to inspire confidence in an agreement on the average Israeli is a question nobody of the kumbayah chorus seems to be able (or to want) to answer.


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Palestine is sitting on a timebomb. Why don't they want to defuse it before it goes off? The Israeli people are exhausted at the lack of progress and the gratuitous violence coming from Palestinian extremists. Yet the Palestinian government and factions do nothing but talk as if they have the upper hand, pay for slay and lob rockets at Israel.