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It links to the dcist article where:

The only thing Bowser would confirm is that the allegations that led to Falcicchio’s departure did not have anything to do with rumored accusations of misbehavior on a four-day, five-city bus tour sponsored by the city’s government to promote tourism ahead of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. But multiple sources who contacted DCist/WAMU over the weekend said rumors of Falcicchio’s misconduct were widespread.

And I have read that other places… something had to have happened


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I would check out clockoutdc on Instagram and find some good lectures or events for the time you are there. They have such comprehensive offerings there is surely something to please everyone.

Also, after Meridian Hill Park I would suggest hitting up Dan’s Cafe for the real DC experience. Just tell them it’s a speakeasy. It is within walking distance, just maybe not back after.


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What is your budget? Take a month or two in coliving or a group home and find something when you are here. Spend any free time walking neighborhoods you feel safe in and look for for rent signs. Talk to people you meet.