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If you think it’s a good use of anyone’s time to drive 6 hours to save $8 a handle on liquor (using Tito’s for comparison) then fine. But they’re gonna use 12 gallons of gas assuming 25 mpg and 50 mph average and the average price of gas in DE is about $3.26 a gallon so that’s $39 in gas alone. Maybe it makes sense to go to DE for liquor if if they’re buying 5 handles and value their time at $0/hour.

I think you’re seriously overestimating the number of people who drive out of state specifically to get lower prices on liquor. Maybe that’s what you do but most people would probably pay an extra $8 than drive an hour for the one handle they buy every other month at most.


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Ehh, the cost doesn’t bother me. I think it’s better that the state profit off of alcohol sales than private parties. I do wish less money went to cops and more to schools and SEPTA. Besides, while selection and price might be better in cities, it’ll probably go down in rural areas. Plus PLCB jobs are unionized. If PA went private then you’d see lots of decent unionized jobs be lost.